Geneva is extremely excited to be taking on the Principal role at ADA. She has always loved performing and sharing her love for the industry with her students. This will be her 7th year in teaching. Gen has completed high levels of ballet and tap exams and has a strong background in competitive dance. She also trained fulltime performing arts at ED5 International and received an advanced diploma.



Miss Paris has been dancing with ADA for quite sometime and is excited to start her dream of dance teaching. A highly skilled dancer she has received high marks in her ATOD exams and looks forward to passing her knowledge of dance onto her students.



Taine comes from a strong background of tap and high levels of training in the genre. He loves passing on his knowledge to future generations of tappers! He has also grown to love performing and teaching hip hop. Taine was trained at the tap pups under tap dogs Dein Perry and Nathan Sheens and had many performance opportunities as both a tap pup and a tap dog. He also completed fulltime training at ED5 International and received his advanced diploma in performing arts.